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Shandong GIen ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a manufacturer and trader specializing in construction machinery vehicle accessories and rubber energy. It has nearly 10 years of production experience and international trade experience. The company mainly develops, produces and sells construction vehicles. The main engineering tires (bias tires and radial tires), industrial tires, special vehicle tires, and truck tires are widely used in mining areas, ports, factories, logistics and transportation and many other fields.


All tire products of the company use international standard natural rubber imported from Malaysia and Thailand as raw materials, and all raw materials need to undergo three rapid tests (hardness, density, plasticity) by the company's quality inspection team, and have a complete finished product quality inspection system. , escort the product quality of customers.


As a professional tire manufacturer and supplier, we can meet various needs of customers, provide OEM and ODM services, support sample delivery, and support various DIY services such as customization according to customer-specified patterns.


At the same time, we also recruit global distribution partners. We will provide strong backing support and guarantees based on samples, materials, exhibition budgets, market resources, etc. for the participating distributors, and join hands with all suppliers to get rich!


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