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What are the factors that affect the price of tires?

1. Brand influence

Tire brand brand on the price factors play an important guiding role, the brand is the precipitation and technology accumulation for a long time, do not conform to the market demand of the eliminated, eventually be able to survive and develop for a long time the brand must be able to meet the market positioning, to a large extent, famous brand products must have its own place, And every year the enterprise also spends a lot on publicity, so the price will be higher than the niche brand.

2. Raw materials

Upstream raw material prices of rubber tires are all composed of the main raw materials, raw material price fluctuations will inevitably result in the price fluctuations of downstream products, tire makers many are using Thailand import natural rubber, restricted to the exchange rate and some hidden fees, so it is with Thailand import rubber tire producer price is with synthetic rubber or some Chinese domestic prices more expensive.

3, formulation

Limited by each tire manufacturer rubber, carbon black, additives and other formulations are different, the mixing process is different, the rubber content is different, the price of tires is also a crucial influence

There are a lot of customers will tell us how much is a kilo of tires, appears to be professional, as our professional tire makers, not professional, in addition to the tire rubber, tire cord, steel wire and other raw materials quality, can affect the tire weight, some "dirty" tire makers can still by adding sundries, realize the weight of the standard, so, measuring tire quality or price, Weight is not the only criterion.

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