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Solid tire manufacturers tell you the wear treatment plan

Solid tire used in industrial vehicles such as low-speed, heavy-load hoisting vehicles, tractors, and flatbed trucks can also be widely used in various industries. Once damage occurs, it must be dealt with in time.

    ①When the tire has cracks, holes, blistering, delamination, etc., repair or overhaul it according to the specific situation. If there are continuous cracks around the tire carcass, the tread rubber has been polished and there are large holes, the carcass line layer has annular cracks, and the whole circle is separated, replace it in time.

    ②When small holes are found in the inner tube, it can be repaired hot or cold. If the file around the damaged inner tube is rough, stick the fire repair glue on the damaged position, and make the hole just in the middle of the repair glue, install the tire repair clip against the normalizing repair glue, tighten the screw and then ignite the fire repair The heating agent on the glue can be tightly bonded after 10min-15min.

    ③Replace in time: If the inner tube has problems such as folding, serious rupture, aging, stickiness, deformation and other problems that cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced in time. Develop a regular check of tire pressure, once every other month, if the tire pressure is not enough, it should be replenished in time. Before going on the expressway, you should also conduct routine inspections to ensure driving safety.

    In the process of daily use of solid tires by milling machines, many car owners ignore the tire condition, resulting in accidents. Only by paying attention to inspection and maintenance, and developing good driving habits, can the tires be used for a long time.

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