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How to choose truck steering tires?

There are many kinds of tire patterns, and there are seven common ones. How to choose a tire pattern? The mode type should be selected according to different vehicle performance and purchasing priorities.

01 Longitudinal pattern

Longitudinal tires, as the name suggests, are tires with longitudinal patterns as the main feature. The tread pattern of this tire is consistent with the direction of the tire and is wound into one or more continuous circles. This kind of tire has good front directivity and drainage performance, low rolling resistance, and is not easy to slip. Due to its low resistance, less heat is generated during driving and good heat dissipation, so it has good high-speed performance. The downsides are lack of grip, poor braking performance, and poor drive. Suitable for driving on clean, hard surfaces; commonly found in cars, light trucks or minivans.

02 Horizontal pattern

Contrary to the longitudinal tread, the transverse tread provides excellent grip and therefore unique advantages in terms of braking capacity and traction, as well as good cut and abrasion resistance. But it is easy to side slip, large rolling resistance, loud noise, and poor high speed. It is suitable for neutral or heavy trucks with large traction on general hard roads.

03 Off-road pattern

The off-road pattern, also called the square pattern, is characterized by wide and deep grooves. When driving on loose surfaces, a portion of the soil becomes embedded in the grooves. Only after the soil embedded in the groove has been sheared off can the tire slip. So the off-road mode is very grippy. According to tests, on muddy roads, the traction force of vehicles of the same model using off-road pattern wheels can reach 1.5 times that of ordinary patterns. However, due to the large rolling resistance, it is not suitable for driving on ordinary hard roads for a long time, otherwise it is easy to wear and increase fuel consumption, and the shock absorption performance is poor and the comfort is poor.

04 Mixed pattern

Ordinary civilian tires need to be considered in all aspects, whether it is dry driving in sunny days or wet driving in rainy days. The designer mixed and matched the two patterns to achieve a "tacit understanding", so that the vertical pattern in the middle that provided fast drainage and the horizontal pattern in the shoulders provided the perfect situation, and the mixed pattern was born. At present, this mixed-flow pattern tire is widely used in cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles, and is the most worry-free choice. Excellent comprehensive balance, suitable for everyday urban use by ordinary consumers.

05 Symmetrical pattern

Symmetrical pattern, as the name implies, is the same or similar tire pattern on the left and right sides based on the central groove of the tread. Symmetrical pattern tires are one of their fuel-efficient advantages, so all economical and wear-resistant tires use this design. Although the quiet comfort of a tire is closely related to the tire compound, the quiet comfort of the symmetrical pattern is better than that of other patterns. The disadvantage is that the symmetrical pattern tire design of the car has less rolling, less grip, and weaker sports performance.

06 Asymmetrical pattern

Asymmetrical pattern. The shape of the left and right tread patterns of this pattern is different, which makes it have the following advantages: it increases the ground pressure of the outer pattern when turning, greatly improves the high-speed turning performance, and complements the wear resistance of the outer pattern. Since the tread patterns on both sides are different, pay attention to the inside and outside directions when installing. This pattern is suitable for radial tires for ordinary cars, all-steel tires for high-speed passenger cars, and tires for high-performance vehicles such as racing cars.

07 Single guide pattern

The single guide pattern is a very obvious tire pattern, which belongs to the symmetrical pattern in most categories, but unlike the symmetrical pattern, it has obvious directionality. The tread patterns all face in one direction and look like arrows. This is its scroll direction. Therefore, it is inherently characterized by low resistance, high speed and good handling performance. Its sporty performance is strong, but another problem arises, its quiet comfort is poor. Mainly assembles sports cars and sports SUVs. I believe that the average car owner will not install tires with this pattern. After all, its price and performance are not what the average car owner needs, and the characteristics are too obvious. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as unique.

Can tires be mixed?

The tires can be replaced coaxially. For example, the tires on the front axle can be replaced at the same time. Only tires of the same brand and pattern can be used coaxially. Remember that you can't just change the tires on the same side of the vehicle, such as the left front and left rear at the same time. If the tire patterns on both sides are different, it will bring safety hazards such as excessive tire noise, steering, tire wear, and anti-skid. Therefore, car owners should try to use tires and tire brands with the same pattern, as well as tires suitable for your frequent driving conditions, so as to better improve the performance of your car and the service life of tires.

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